Katie Ryan and Thomas Duane, co-founders of Heart and Soil Herbal Skincare, are grateful to be at this point in their journey as partners in business and in life.

Katie and Tom first crossed paths in 2015, at a local organic grocery store, where she worked in the apothecary and he often shopped. Over time they developed a close bond and two years into the relationship Heart and Soil Herbal Skincare came into being.

In the years before skincare, Katie was studying The Science and Art of Herbalism with Rosemary Gladstar as well as exploring the practice of various alternative, wellness modalities. Initially she felt a calling to pursue clinical herbalism and wanted to take on the role of healer, but her mother died suddenly in 2016 and she found herself needing to be healed instead.

Along with the support from Tom, family and friends, and two new cats (Ommy and Ziggy), Katie used her herbal knowledge to immerse herself in self-care and she began making teas, salts, balms and creams. This in turn further guided her research on the relationship between plants and skin. What she discovered led her towards formulating a line of herbal skincare products which has become a source of joy, combining her interests in self-care, the science of plants, and creativity.





Tom, a graphic designer with over ten years of experience, became involved after Katie convinced him to start a business together and today he’s happy to be a part of something he believes in. Along the way he’s learned more about skincare then he ever would have guessed and now uses their products almost daily.

By sticking to their passionate belief that companies must recognize and respond to their part in the wellbeing of the planet and its inhabitants, Katie and Tom plan to keep building Heart and Soil Herbal Skincare into a brand whose customers and business partners can feel good about purchasing and supporting.