Katie Ryan

  • Founder

  • Herbalist 

  • Formulator

Katie has a life long history of working with plants. Growing up in a farm setting, a background in floral design and managing flower shops in her early career, and studying horticulture, and landscape design in her first attempt at college. Her path led her to psychology and studying holistic health practices after the influence of her mother. She has certifications in yoga and Reiki. Her curiosities in ancient nature-based spirituality led her to herbalism, and she enrolled in a certification program through Rosemary Gladstar's The Science and Art of Herbalism. She developed a personal connection to plants that was unforeseen and decided to pursue clinical training. Herbalists that have influenced her over the years include Rocio Alarcon, David Hoffman, Sajah Popham, David Winston, Maria Noel Groves, Thomas Easley, Tammi Sweet, Phyllis D. Light, Michael Tierra, and Juliet Blankenspoor to name a few.

Life took an extreme turn when her mother suddenly passed during her training. As a way to seek healing, Katie focused on self-care through the ancient practices of traditional herbalism. She was making balms, teas, bath salts, and creams. Finding a creative outlet, she felt a calling to sell her products at a local market, planting the seed for Heart + Soil.

Soon enough, skincare became an obsession, and with the help of her partner Tom, they started to build the brand.


Thomas Duane is the co-founder of Heart + Soil. He has an extensive background in marketing and advertising with a graphic design degree from SCAD University. He has worked for several firms in the Denver area and left his career in 2010 to pursue painting.

At the inception of Heart + Soil, Katie earned certifications in Organic Skincare Formulation through Formula Botanica, an accredited online Organic Cosmetic Science School based in the UK.
After a year of perfecting formulations and a foundation with the branding, H+S officially launched into the green skincare market in 2018.  

Katie has carefully crafted her formulas to represent her journey through herbalism, honoring the whole-plant philosophy, and keeping ingredient lists minimal. She also believes that the most nutrient-dense plants live right in our back yard, leaving the need to harvest plants from exotic ecosystems to the wayside. The formulas contain common nutritive herbs such as Nettle, Comfrey, Calendula, Alfalfa, and Milky Oats. All of these plants grow in abundance in North America.

Katie's passion lies in phytochemistry and all the many benefits that the plants provide us. Inside and out.

Katie and Tom currently reside together in Bucks County, PA, with their two cats, Ommy + Ziggy.